Prakriti Research Fellowship

Prakriti Research Fellowship is a small grants programme initiated to support nature conservation research and action with a focus to create a direct tangible long-term impact on nature conservation in Aurangabad and beyond. The fellowship aims to provide seed money for strong on-ground work done by individuals, teams, and small NGOs in this field from various Industry partners. Prakriti Research Fellowship has been started by CARPE in collaboration with Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd. and CANPACK India Pvt. Ltd. to support nature conservation research and action in India. 2022 is the 4th year of the fellowship.

Past Fellows

Dr. Anukul Nath
Conservation of endangered Hispid Hare (Caprolagus hispidus), also known as Assam Rabbit (Khagorikota pohu) in Manas World Heritage Site
Dr. Pankaj Koparde
Studying dragonflies and damselflies in Marathwada region and working on conservation of their habitats
Purabi Deshpande
Studying interactions between urban trees and birds
Radhika Kothari
Creating a bio-cultural portfolio to inform long-term conservation action in eastern Ladakh


Our World is witnessing/causing the 6th Extinction - an irreparable loss to biodiversity and ecologically diverse habitat. Research into these areas are must for directing Conservation Action. The PRF is aimed at funding individual researchers and has been successful in initiating excellent projects on diverse subjects such as Herbs, Odonates, Pangolins and also demonstrated Conservation action. We are excited with all the ON GROUND ZERO work happening with support of the PRF and Forest Department. We believe it is important to conduct a lot more research and awareness of our rich biodiversity and PRF is acting as a catalyst in attracting and retaining talented researchers in this field.
Sameer Kelkar
CEO, Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd.
I had never imagined that there is such an amazing world of dragonflies out there. Through this workshop, I got to learn so much about dragonflies, which I always considered as a mere insect and ignored. Here onwards, I will look around, take photos of dragonflies, and contribute my data to the Marathwada Citizen Science Project to do my bit of research and conservation.
Rushika Shirsat
BSc Zoology student, SBES Science College, Aurangabad
Forest officials, especially the patrolling staff, were trained to monitor the activity pattern of hispid hare in the grasslands of Manas. Since 80% of people are unaware of the presence and importance of the species in their forest beat, our ongoing capacity building has initiated excellent results on the field. This initiative will also help in large scale monitoring of the Hispid Hare survey, which we plan to organize this winter.
Forest Guards
Bansbari Range, Manas National Park, Barpeta Road, Assam
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