Prakriti Research Fellowship



To support strong on-ground projects for nature conservation by individuals, teams, and small NGOs in India by providing seed money for nature conservation research, documentation, advocacy, and action efforts and making available an emergency fund for conservation.

The Prakriti Research Fellowship is a small grants programme initiated to support nature conservation and action with a focus to create a direct tangible long-term impact on nature conservation in Aurangabad and beyond started in 2018. This program was born out of the need as identified during research into the Green Aurangabad Mission. Sponsored by various industry partners, the fellowship aims to provide seed money for strong on-ground work done by individuals, teams, and small NGOs in this field.We have received an overwhelming response with 40 applications from all across the country and 2 fully sponsored programs on field, two in Aurangabad and one in Ladakh!

Prakriti Research Fellowship 2019-20

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Prakriti Research Fellow (2018-19) - Radhika Kothari

Project Title: - Creating a Bio-cultural portfolio to inform long- term conservation action in eastern Ladakh. Radhika Kothari has done her M.Phil in Conservation leadership. -Develop a detailed profile and map showcasing nature-culture (both tangible and intangible) overlaps including traditional migratory routes of nomads/pastoralists, wildlife movement, land-use, community governance mechanisms, natural resources/ecosystems and management practices etc.) for local planners and decision makers.

The project aims to investigate spatial overlaps between Changpa’s and ecosystems Tsomoriri in Changthang, Ladakh. Thereby, creating a map that showcases interdependencies, interactions or overlaps between nature and cultural systems that can be used for practical application to environmental planning and management. This project will create a nature-culture profile that is aimed at informing future natural and cultural heritage conservation planning and management in the region.

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