We are a strong, dynamic, and committed team that believes in the power of partnerships and teamwork.  We are looking for dynamic individuals who are passionate about the work we do and are always ready for a challenge!

We are committed to inclusion and do not discriminate applications on the basis of gender, religious or ethnic backgrounds.

Below are a few positions that we are currently looking to hire for.

If you don’t see any open positions you are looking for right now, fill this form here and we will get back to you should we have relevant openings.

Full Stack Developer

1 year ago

We have recently developed a web based application as a central platform to capture, analyse and report all the data which forms a critical part of our decision making for the work we do in our Solid Waste Management vertical. We now want to expand the scope of this application to our other verticals and offer it as a service to government stakeholders that we work with. This will enable us to rapidly scale our…

Senior Manager – Business Development

1 year ago

As we scale our work in all the three verticals (Solid Waste Management, Green Cover Management and Water Body Restoration), we are looking for a dynamic, motivated and self driven individual in our leadership team. The primary role of this individual is to build relations and provide strategic direction to help the organisation grow across all the three verticals. We are looking at someone with great interpersonal skills and a results driven approach to help…

Program Manager – River and Nala Restoration

1 year ago

We are actively working on river and nala restoration projects which focus on restoring and maintaining health of the rivers and nalas through a long term commitment of public, private and government stakeholders whose efforts are based on scientific research and application of appropriate technological, social, infrastructural and governance solutions.    If you are looking for opportunities in this space and want to contribute towards diverting ocean bound plastics from rivers and nalas, then this…